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Increase your sales

Tips to increase your sales on 8pm.shop

Know Your Market

Before you begin selling your product, it’s important you know your target market. Ask yourself these questions when finding your niche market:

  • Who will buy my product?
  • What are their needs?
  • What are their problems?

Narrow down your niche and make it specific: jewelry fashionista, aged 20-35, shops online, lives in Texas. Once you can picture your ideal customer, you can start to strategically market your product.

Categorize Your Products

Unsure how to categorize your product on 8pm.shop? Try to be specific about what the item is (a toy? a scarf? a necklace?). Once you have the categories listed, use the “Shop Sections” to organize your categories.

Brand Your Shop

A strong brand helps keep your shop fresh in the minds of potential customers. Make your shop memorable by adding a signature logo and color scheme. There’s a place on your shop page to put a banner image of your store’s name, and also a small, square image, for more branding appeal. Make sure to incorporate your brand into your products and images. This will immediately let a buyer know they’re looking at your items.

Fill Out Your Profile With Keywords

So, how can you get more eyeballs on your storefront page? By using keywords to help customers find you on 8pm.shop and on Google’s search. There are three main areas you need to optimize your profile:

  • Use keywords in your shop title – This is the little area underneath your shop name.Focus on unique keywords that describe your product. Check out other 8pm.shop shops in your niche to get an idea of related keywords.
  • Place keywords in your shop announcement – You can use this area to include more niche-specific keywords.
  • Use relevant keywords in your sections – Use clear and brief keywords that describe your product. Make it easy for people to know what you are selling.

Optimize Your Item’s Title And Description

To get noticed in the 8pm.shop search results – and on Google – it’s essential to make your title and description stand out. Doing so will help attract customers to your product. To get started, use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner to find keywords people use to search for products in your niche.

Add Great Descriptions For Each Product

It’s time to put on your copywriter’s hat and entice someone to purchase your product by writing an amazing description. Start off with the most important information, but above all, be personal and connect with the customer buy using I and you language. Tell a story about your product and make it related to your ideal customer.

Provide Stellar Customer Service

Answering questions and comments politely and promptly can help you establish a great reputation, leading to positive reviews, referrals, and repeat business. It’s also a great idea to offer discounts, fast shipping, and other benefits to not only keep loyal customers happy, but also attract new customers.

Set Competitive Rates

Figure out the cost of materials, labor costs and your expenses. Next, figure out your sales targets and how many sales you can fulfill with your current infrastructure. From here you can compare your price to other prices in your niche.

If you find your price is slightly higher, instead of lowering your price, look to cut costs and increase value (better photography, branding and marketing).

Do Competitor Research

Want more sales? Look at how the pros are doing it. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What’s working for others?
  • Are there shops on 8pm.shop that sell items like mine?
  • Do they offer special color selections or sets that might attract buyers?

Researching what works for other shops doesn’t mean copying what they sell. It just means you’re doing smart competitive research – like any good business owner.

Also, take the time to research what tags are used and the prices…you won’t regret it!

Use Better Photography

Your smartphone camera is just not cutting it anymore! Since customers can’t touch and feel your product, your images must show the best qualities of your product.

Refine your product photography by using a professional camera. Make sure you have proper lighting, a clean surface for your product and a nice backdrop.

Always be careful to highlight the size and use of your product – and if it’s scaled.

Don’t worry if you make a mistake, you can correct any lighting or color issues – and crop your image – with a photo editing tool like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop.

Have fun and experiment with different angles, lighting and backdrops.

Add More Listings

Items will get you found on 8pm.shop. So, if you want more sales and traffic, have more items in your shop. Giving your customer a variety of items to choose from increases the likelihood they will buy a product.

Unleash your creativity and start imagining new products to add to your line.

Offer Discounts For Repeat Buyers

It’s true:

It will cost you up to five times more to gain a new buyer than it does to retain your current buyers. Start cultivating repeat business by offering discounts to your loyal customers.

They’ll be much more appreciative and will be more likely to become fans and follow you.

Be Active On Social Media

Start talking about your shop on social media and let everyone know what you’re selling. Your customers hang out on social media – probably mostly on Pinterest – so stop gossiping on Facebook and make some waves letting people know you have snazzy stuff for sale!

Build A Blog Around Your Brand

blog will help build your credibility and customers will start to trust you.

Consider writing blog posts about the entertainment industry. For example, if an actress or actor in the media is wearing a similar looking item – maybe a necklace – you have for sale, write a blog post about how your products are similar.

People may be searching for the necklace this actress is wearing and your blog post could be a source they land on, leading to more sales.

Ask For Reviews Politely

When you buy from someone, do you usually check their store reviews first? YES! That’s because you want to know how they work with their customers before buying from them.

And of course, that’s one of the things you would want to focus on especially when you’re just starting. You need enough good reviews to generate more sales. All you have to do is ask your customers politely. But be sure to provide superb customer service first. Here’s an example template (feel free to modify!):

"Hi ____ !

Thank you for purchasing from my store _____. Hope you like it!

Would you mind leaving me a review? So far I only have 20+ reviews, so it would be really awesome if you can add your review here: www.8pm.shop/your/purchases.

Thank you so much for your time!"

Buy Advertisements

If you are in a competitive niche – jewelry – consider buying advertisements to broadcast your products to a larger audience.

8pm.shop has promoted listings, which makes it a cinch to list your product. Don’t forget about Facebook, either. Include Facebook advertising in your marketing campaign and reach your target market.

Wrapping It Up

There isn’t one magic way to get your product in the hands of every person in your target market.

But, with a strategic plan and a solid marketing campaign, you’re on your way to creating a strong brand and generating more sales on 8pm.shop.

Just remember, know your target market, take sensational photos, connect with your audience and network with other 8pm.shop sellers.

Your turn…